Super science resource for parents and teachers!

Mystery Science

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I taught in public and private schools for 11 years. What I didn’t tell you was that although 9 of those years was in an elementary school, I only taught science once. That sounds incredible, doesn’t it? When I transferred from a middle school way across town to an elementary school which my oldest daughter had attended that was only 3 minutes away from our house, the principal structured the 4th and 5th grades so that teachers taught in teams. Each team consisted of a teacher who taught language arts, reading and math (me) and the other lovely teacher taught math and science. She taught her subjects of strength and I taught mine, which no one can convince me wasn’t beneficial for our students! The following year, the principal resigned, and all of the other teachers gladly returned to teaching all subjects individually. I was gleefully glad that our team was allowed to continue teaching as a team!

That leads me to this post. All those years of not teaching science could be considered a deficit as I teach my own children. I don’t know whether it is or not, but just in case it is, I’m fighting against it and for my children by getting my hands on as many science resources as possible. Mystery Science is one of them! I’m new to the site and still exploring, but I LOVE what I’ve seen thus far, including multiple hands-on experiments for each standard, interactive videos, activity pages, extension activities and recommended topic-relevant trade books! Not only are there many experiments to choose from, but each experiment includes a supply list and suggestions on where you can purchase some of the items. What child doesn’t want to learn how matter changes by melting gummy bears, Swedish fish, or jelly beans to demonstrate how matter can change via heating, helping to explain why so many toys are made of plastic! The child in me is raising her hand yelling, “I do! I do! I almost forgot to mention, that your first year using the site is free! FREE! There’s NO better deal than free! The site also features assessments for the units, so not only is Mystery Science a tremendous resource for the parents of K-5 students, but it is also a valuable asset to teachers! Go to to find out!


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