Crock-Pot Chronicles: Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Pepper

For a hearty, filling meal, try Peppers Stuffed with Herbed Ground Turkey and Rice. That’s the broccoli cornbread I made to go with it. That’s another recipe for another post!

Recently I was feeling a little adventurous and opted for a break from my everyday dinner fare, you know, Slow Cooker Lasagna, Taco Soup, baked chicken, salmon croquettes, etc. In fact, I was feeling SO adventurous, that I decided to cook Peppers Stuffed with Herbed Ground Turkey and Rice! Why is that so exciting to me? Well, I’m from the South Carolina Lowcountry and grew up eating rice on a regular basis. We ate green beans on rice, collard greens on rice, lima beans on rice, stewed tomatoes on rice, smothered ANYTHING on rice, gravy on rice, eggs on rice, pork and beans with hot dogs on rice and even butter on rice. I mean, really, I would eat rice every day if my waist line would let me! Nowadays, I don’t eat green beans, collard greens and lima beans on rice, but when I happened upon the Peppers Stuffed with Herbed Ground Turkey and Rice recipe via Weight Watchers, I’m pretty sure I experienced a pure moment of bliss. Just the thought of eating rice and something, even peppers, which I don’t eat, was a source of joy. It was even more so when I saw that I could eat the pepper, turkey and rice cooked together for just 6 pts! It turned out to be a hearty filling meal, and I loved the thought of being able to eat the container! In this case the pepper itself. In another case, a taco salad tossed into an edible bowl-size-taco-like shell! Just the thought of that ignited a hankering for taco salad. There’s a recipe for that – coming soon in a future post! Back to the peppers recipe – add your own favorite savory seasonings to make it your own.


crock pot pepper

Stuffed Green Peppers

So what’s with the “Crock-Pot Chronicles” headline you might ask? Recently, I posted about my endless love for slow cookers. While writing that post, I came across a recipe for stuffed peppers cooked in a Crock-Pot at No, really, I did, and the moment I found it, I knew I had to put it in a post! If you’re not a finatical rice fan like me, you’ll be happy to know that the Crock-Pot recipe, Stuffed Green Peppers, doesn’t contain any. I haven’t tried the recipe yet, so please let me know how it turns out when you do. Enjoy!




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