My Pioneering Moment

I starting reading The Pioneer Woman’s blog approximately 4 years ago, ooing and awing over her savory dishes and delectable desserts. Just about an hour ago, I finally made one of her recipes – Black Bean Burgers! Please don’t get me wrong, I ENJOY meat! Many days,  I have it as an essential part of my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I decided to make the Black Bean Burgers, because it seemed easy and because our six-year-old Miranda is a self-prescribed vegetarian – sort of. For the most part, she has a major disdain for meat. She particularly hates walking past the raw meat in the grocery store and spends much of the time she’s there covering her eyes so she doesn’t risk seeing the chicken legs, wings and things.

Black bean burger

Black Bean Burger. Trust me – it’s yummy!

When Miranda saw me mashing the beans – the first step of this recipe – she did a happy dance for approximately 3 minutes, which morphed into pure childhood joy when I informed her that they would be having fries with it. I had zucchini with my burger and was glad to do so, because I LOVE zucchini. We can discuss that in another post. We can also discuss the slow cooker stew beef that’s sending waves of the aroma of yummy goodness throughout my house. You know, like the kind in the old cartoons that would send a hungry cat floating in the air to its source!

Let me tell you, that Black Bean Burger was delicious! To my surprise I didn’t miss eating meat. Miranda raved about it to the point of calling me the best cook in the world! I can’t claim that title, but this burger could have definitely garnered me a gold medal! Then I would have to thank The Pioneer Woman for that! You’ve seen what my version of her burger looks like. You’ll have to go to The Pioneer Woman’s site to see hers. Enjoy!


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