Perdue has cooking chicken in the bag!


I can get 3-4 meals from this one chicken!

I have a confession to make. And coming from someone who was raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry and the Georgia Coastal Empire, this might be a shocker to many. Deep breath – here goes: I don’t know how to fry chicken. My great-grandmother fried chicken, my grandmother fried chicken, my mother fried chicken, but I can’t, so I don’t. Thanks to Perdue, I don’t miss fried chicken, and cooking chicken has never been easier.

So what am I talking about? Perdue has an Oven Ready Whole Seasoned Roaster in bake-in-bags! This isn’t a new item for them, but there are several aspects about this chicken that puts it near the top of my list of my favorite things to eat.

At the Perdue site, the chicken is touted as:

  • No prep work
  • Deliciously seasoned
  • Cooks perfectly in bag
  • Easy clean-up

The chicken cooks in the bag, so there’s REALLY no clean-up!

They should have added succulent, because that’s what it is! There really is no prep work – simply remove the chicken from the outer bag, cut a 1-inch slit above the breast of the inner bag, and place it in your favorite roasting pan or in your mom’s, because I use my mom’s beautiful cobalt blue roasting pan. I must give it back to her one day!


This is my mom’s beautiful roasting pan. 


This is my beautiful Mom with Ronald. He just showed up at her job one day.

Anyway, approximately 90 minutes later, I have a 6-pound perfectly cooked chicken and a clean pan! And yes, 6 pounds of chicken is way too much for my family of four to eat in one sitting, and that’s one of the other snazzy aspects of this chicken, I can make 3-4 meals, including fried chicken from just one! Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “What you talkin’ ’bout, Melissa!” Well, after cooking the chicken and cutting it to serve with something like make-you-close-your-eyes-when-you-taste-it Crock-Pot Maccaroni and Cheese along with broccoli, I cut up half of the chicken the next day and fry chicken croquettes. I use this Left Over Chicken Croquette recipe. Let me tell you – they are a delicious follow-up to the original meal!


Here’s a fried chicken croquette that I made from the original baked chicken served with my homemade stir fry that I have fallen in love with! If I have broccoli on hand, I throw that in there, too.


Here’s the stir-fry with the chicken croquette broken apart. Oh, those are sweet Vidalia onions – I HATE regular onions, but that’s another post for another day.


And here’s the stir-fry with simple slices of the backed chicken. I eat this stir-fry with or without meat almost every day for lunch. I told you I have fallen in love with it!


Y’all this chicken pot pie is EASY, and it is EVERYTHING. And yes, that’s butter on top!

The day after making the chicken croquettes, I might follow-up with Hurry Up Chicken Pot Pie. Y’all, and I rarely use “y’all,” but this chicken pot pie is EVERYTHING! The entire time our children were eating it, they raved about it. “This is yummy!” “This is so good!” “This hard stuff is the best part.” “That’s the crust,” I responded. And Miranda, who rarely eats meat, asked for seconds, ate it for lunch the next day and ate the chicken! Incidentally, the recipe calls for a hard-boiled egg, but I omit that ingredient. Miranda loathes eggs.

I’ve also made homemade chicken pasta soup using some of the chicken the day after I baked it. After initially baking the chicken on Sunday, I always look forward to what I can do with it in the following days. Please let me know what you do with it. Enjoy!







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