Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m a wife, who is married to an artist and contractor among other things. I’m also the mother  of three children ages, 6, 7 and 23. I’m educator, jewelry maker , crafter and a few other things! I sometimes get a little crazy with the jewelry making and have to force myself to stop to eat and sleep! I’ve been teacher for 11 years – 10 of them in public schools. Before becoming an educator, I worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist for two newspapers and in public relations.

One of the most important roles parents play is that of educator of their children. I’m here to help. That’s why I started this blog. Here I write about educational  resources, my experiences educating  my own children, and just about anything else under the sun!

One day when I was 12, my mom was napping. I went to her bedside and said, I’m not good at dancing, I’m an OK singer, so what  can I be when I grow up? Before she could answer, I thought about my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Hay, who told me that I was a good writer. In that instant, I said to my mom, “I’m going to be a writer!”

I love writing! Thank you for allowing me to share mine!






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