Know your history and be the keepers of it.

Yep, even in many animated movies that feature animals ONLY, the ones that are depicted as criminals are typically big, black apes or some sort of other black “scary” animal – almost certainly subliminally sending the message to ALL children that black equals bad.


The ever-changing n-word

I was 10 when he called me a nigger. I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but I knew it was bad, because it didn’t make me feel good. I told the black PE teacher who did nothing but scold me for hitting that boy who called me the n-word. I didn’t hit him, because…

How the light bulb really came on

On a recent night as Elijah and Miranda settled into their beds, I sat on the couch next to Nick, placing my head on his shoulder as is my custom. I spend very little time watching TV – approximately one hour per week to view one particular history program. When I sit next to him each night…